Old man

Fritz Moldanstein was born on February 28, 1765 in Hamburg, Germany. He wanted to be a toymaker from a young age, and finally became one at age 68. His most succesful toys were Calming Puppy and Soothing Kitty. His greatest mistake, however, was trying to make a bunny. He first tried and made Scary Rabbit, but it didn't fit with the rest, so he buried it in a well. He then tried again, but made Creepy Bunny. He was holding him over the well to put her in as well, but had a heart attack, died, and fell into the well. His manufacturing company, known as Moldantoys, lost all of its stock and closed the next day. He had one son named Hans. He was dug up from the well in 2001, but up until then no one knew what had happened to him.